GameSir G3w



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GameSir G3w adopts a 32-bit MCU chip, computing capability is up to 48 million times per second that stands for its high sensitivity and accuracy in overall performance. GameSir G3w is compatible with Android 4.0/Windows XP and later versions, applicable to Android smart phones and tablets, Windows PC and PS3, broad range of native Android games is supported.

Top-toughened materials. Detachable bracket

The body is made of strong materials to provide durability; textured surface makes the grip firm, comfortable and easy on the hands. G3w comes with detachable bracket, it can be used as an individual mobile holder for 3.5~6-inch smart phones.

32-bit High speed Chip,High computation capability

Built-in 32-bit MCU chip and computation capability of up to 48 million times per second ensure high sensitivity and rapid response while playing games.

Vibration. Auto-fire TURBO

With vibration motors, realistic vibration and striking can be fully experienced in games. Auto-fire function can be easily achieved by pressing the action button together with Turbo key, the pressure is greatly reduced, and life cycle of buttons is prolonged.

Physically designed buttons

Floating D-pad makes it easier to discern between the eight compass points. Analog joysticks have 360-degree positioning of ultra-accuracy. Physically designed function buttons, solid and responsive, with a firm action, can be pressed with no effort. Pressure sensitivity of R2/l2 allows players to perceive the press depth accurately, making it much easier to play car racing and drifting games.

Strict quality control system

GameSir has strict quality control system both of material application and technology processing, every button has been pre-tested by strict pressing of one million times that ensures the life cycle of buttons to be 5 years or more.


Working Platforms:  
Working Modes:  
Android Standard/X-input/D-input/PS3
Connection Types:  
Charging Time:  
Working Time:  
Vibration Feedback:  
Working Current:  
<30mA (no vibration)
Working Temperature:  
Working Humidity:  
Measurement (inches):  
Package MEAS.(inches):  
Package Content:  
1*G3w Game Controller, 1*User Manual, 1*USB Charging Cable

GameSir, Just play!


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3.How to connect GameSir G3w to your Android Phone/ Tablet/ TV BOX, Windows PC, PS3? Please follow as: http://www.gamesir.hk/?p=16