Each game controller has a built-in polymer lithium battery, G2:550mAh,G3:600mAh.

Yes, it is compatible with Windows 10, it has driverless installation.

Yes, GameSir game controllers support 2.4 GHz wireless, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wired.

Yes, it is plug-and-play on both 32- and 64-bit OS (operating system).

Yes, there are several models with different types of connection, please, refer to the product specifications to find out; or just specify the model of your GameSir product and contact us.

No, the receivers cannot be used by different models, please, buy a USB Hub with multiple ports for multiplayer games. 

It depends on,  GameSir is compatible with the game like: Sonic the hedgehog4-Episode II , and MaxPayne on Steam. You can find game list for GameSir in our website: http://www.GameSir.hk

The cord length is almost 19.7 inches (0.5 meters). And also a extension cord with length of 59 .1 inches (1.5 meters) , 2 meters (total distance) can make a significant distance between electronic devices and the couch.

It is a 600 mAh lithium battery, it lasts for 18 hours in normal condition.

As many as you want, as long as the game supports it.

Currently, G2 works with MFI supporting games listed on website. 

 Yes, GameSir MFI game controllers will work with Apple TV.

Yes, GameSir  controllers are compatible with iPad mini 2.

It depends on  the game, you can find the game list in our official website:


 G3 series would be highly recommended, with its pressure sensitive shoulder buttons and triggers.

GameSir G3 series supports dual vibration feedback. The vibration has to do with the game itself, if the game supports vibration, the controller will have the signal and give the feedback.

All the models of GameSir game controllers are compatible with PS3, except G2 standard edition and G3 standard edition. GameSir game controllers are incompatible with PS4.

It is a special auto-fire button, which works together with the action button, in such a way, there is no need to press action button continuously.

Yes, GameSir  controller support USB 3.0 connection. 

Yes, GameSir G2u&G3s can support all these platforms. 

Yes, GameSir G3w has an extension cord with the length of 59 inches (1.5 metres). 

Yes, please, refer to the warranty policy on our official website or to the warranty card for details.

1. Please make sure your bluetooth setting is visible to all devices, and Press “B+Home” button to enter Android Mode.
2. Open your phone's Bluetooth & click “Search”
3. Wait for a few minutes, there will be two signals, please connect the second signal,

like below:

If the second signal (except the GCM one), does not show: 
   1. Please install Happy Chick Emulator: www.happychick.hk
   2. After installation: Please follow the below instructions: (Please choose Common connection signal no matter you search one or two signals)

1. Reset: use pointed objects to poke into the small hole in the back of the controller;
2. If still no help, charging the controller, and press L1 button to reset.
3. Send back for repairation if above steps not help.

Make sure the distance is not too far, also you can contact us directly for an update firmware for the 2.4GHz dongle.

Please turn off the gamepad, cancel the Bluetooth pairing with gamepad in your Bluetooth pairing list, re-start the gamepad & pair again.
 If you connected other devices before, please make sure that all those pairings were canceled, then switch off Bluetooth, pull out the USB dongle if you plugged it in your PC, and re-connect the gamepad.