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The followings are GameSir gamepad supported Android Games.

These games are personally experienced and tested by the player, and recommended to GAMESIR.
 If you find that there are more suitable for the GAMESIR controller to play the game, welcome to recommend and share.

1.Minecraft PE
2.Modern Combat 5: Blackout
3.Asphalt 8: Airbourne
4.The Conduit HD
5.Shadowgun: Dead Zone 
6.Tiki Kart 3D
7.Tiny Little Racing 2
8.Beach Buggy Blitz 
10.Cordy 2
11.Critter Rollers 
12.Dead Trigger 
13.Dead Trigger 2
14.Dungeon Hunter 3
15.Sonic CD  
16.SoulCraft-Action RPG
17.Steampunk Racing 3D
18.Tap'n' Crash 
19.Tiny Little Racing 
20.Zen Pinball HD
21.Dark Incursion 
23.Time to Rock Racing 
24.Another World 
25.The Bar'd Tale
26.Final Freeway 2R 
27.Grand Theft Auto III
28.Shine Runner 
29.Sleepy Jack 
30.Virtua Tennis Challenge 
33.Meganoid 2
34.Sonic The Hedgehog 2
35.Asphalt 7: Heat HD 
36.Riptide GP 
37.Crazy Taxi
38.Aces of the Luftwaffe
39.Angry Birds Go!
40.Bounty Arms
41.Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
42.Anomaly 2
43.Grand Theft Auto Vice City
44.Assassin's Creed Identity
45.FIFA 16 Ultimate Team
46.Critical Strike Portable
47.Zombie HQ
48.Tainted Keep
49.Sine Mora
50.1941 Frozen Front 
51.Alien vs Predator Evolution
53.Ace Ferrara&The Dino Menace
54.Stupid Zombies
55.Red Ball 4
57.Leo's Fortune
58.Dead Effect 2
59.Into the dead
60.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
61.Prince of Persia Shadow&Flame
63.Geometry Wars 3:Dimensions
64.Never Alone: Ki Edition
65.Goat Simulator: Waste of Space
66.Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
67.Valiant Hearts: The Great War
69.Goat Simulator
70.Hero Siege: Pocket Edition
71.Rayman adventures
73.Quell Zen
74.Skate Party 3
77.Dungeon Hunter 5
78.Driving School 2016
79.Wind up Knight
80.Real Racing 3
82.Riptide GP 2
83.Dungeon Quest
84.Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath 
85.Adventures of Mana
86.Sonic Hedgehog 4 Episode II
87.Fenix Box
88.Sonic The Hedgehog
89.Rayman Fiesta Run
90.Rayman Jungle Run
91.Heroes of Loot
93.Max Payne Mobile
94.Mount & Blade: Warband
95.Snowboard Party
96.Aircraft Combat 1942
97.Deer Hunter 2016
98.Back to Bed
100.Beyond Ynth HD
101.Razor Salvation THD
103.Infinite Flight
104.Ys Chronicles 2
105.Jetpack Joyride
106.Final Fantasy III
107.Final Fantasy VI
108.Alpha Wave
109.Angel in Danger
110.Ducktales Remastered
112.Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens
114.Tomb Raider
115.GTA 5
116.NBA 2K16
117.Grand Theft Auto Chinatown wars
119.GT Racing 2
120.Minecraft Story mode
121.Sniper Fury
122.Coach bus simlator
123.Infinite Flight Simulator
124.Beach Buggy Racing
126.Super Phantom Cat
127.Dream League soccer 2016
128.Racing Fever
129.The Walking Dead: Season Two
130.Crazy Snowboard
131.Blitz Brigade 
132.Spider Man Unlimited
134.Chicken Invaders 2 
135.Chicken Invaders 3
136.Chicken Invaders 4
137.Dodo Master
138.Drag Racing
140.Sword Of Xolan
141.Brothers in Arms 3
142.Dead effect

143.The Witching Hour


145.Plasma Sky

146.Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

147.The Respawnables
148.Manugnu 2
150.Cyclone 2000 VR
152.Turbo Dismount
153.Zombie Gunship
154.Baseball Superstars 2012
155.Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary
156.Boulder Dash
157.The King of Fighters 98
158.Blazing Star
160.Metal Slug
161.R-type II
163.Tiny Miner
164.Classic Bomber
166.Alpha Squadron 2
167.Animal Battle Free
168.Blood ’n Guns
169.Tomb Raider 2 
170.MushRoom Bounce!
171.Multirotor Sim
172.Basket and Ball
173.Call of Battlefield:Online FPS
174.Air Attack HD
175.Alex the Alien
176.Arma Tactics THD 
177.Asteroids Marauder
178.B.M. Snowboard Free
179.Invaders from far Space
181.Dragon, Fly! Free
182.Arcane Soul
183.Beekyr FREE: Eco shoot’em up
184.Bermuda Dash
185.Deer Hunter 2014
186.Farming Simulator 2014
187.Farming Simulator 2016
188.Neon Shadow
189.Rush Rally 2 
190.KSI Unleashed
191.Swimming Race 2016
192.Battlebow: Shoot the Demons
193.BeatX: Rhythm Game
194.Bladelords - The Fighting Game
195.Arma Tactics Demo
196.Arma Tactics 
197.Radiant HD
198.Radiant Free
199.No Gravity 
201.Fifa 15 Soccer Ultimate Team
202.Magic Rampage
203.Brotherhood of Violence II
204.Ninja Hero Cats
205.Super Dynamite Fishing
206.Farm Invasion USA
207.Super Jabber Jump
208.Euro Truck Driver (Simulator)
209.iBomber Attack
210.Trine 2
211.Gloomy Dungeons 2: Blood Honor
212.Void of Heroes
213.Toon Wars - Battle Tanks Online
214.SBK16 Official Mobile Game
215.Zombie Gunship Free
216.Twin Shooter - Invaders
217.Marble Duel

218.VR Crossy For Cardboard
219.Tunnel Ground
221.Snowboard Party 2 Lite
222.Snowboard Party 2