Easy to use wireless remote that leaves me tangle free and can connect to multiple devices from laptop/smartphone and more

on 2016-01-15 00:00:00

I play a lot of old school and current games, but having a remote is convenient
GameSir G3s 2.4GHz wireless gamepad is easy to use and allows me to play on my computer without having to lean forward over the keyboard, just sit back and enjoy the game
It was just simply plug and play with the dongle that arrives with the controller. I also have Joy to key in case I need to remap some keys
It's nice having the choice of a d-pad or analog sticks
it has L1/L2 and R1/R2, that allows for easy setup for playstation games
It's layout is similar to a few other systems give or take a few buttons or positions which makes it easy to adapt
Power is through the larger button at the center, just hold it down to turn it on/off
Tapping a color letter key and holding the power button down for two seconds while it is on will swap between modes of android/iOS/Direct interface/mouse mode
Wireless means I do not have to untangle cables, but there is a wired option also
Controller arrives with a shorter charging cable and a longer game controller cable for the times when I want / need a direct connection
Options of Bluetooth or wireless means I can even use it with my smartphone, I just need to get the app to get started

Overall, the GameSir G3s controller is easy to use and setup. I was able to plug and play and it was without hassle and controller is light weight with responsive buttons. Pretty simple to swap between options, but may need to just need to know that each color key + holding the power button for a few seconds will allow a shift in connection selection. Now I can just sit back and play my steam games or emulators

Hope my experience with the GameSir G3s game controller helps ya out.