Outstanding Contoller

on 2016-01-17 00:00:00

This is a great Bluetooth controller for gaming on your tablet, or smart phone. I have tested this with my Huawei Snap To android phone, and HP Envy desktop. Pairing is quite simple as long as you remember which button pairs which platform. You simply hold one of the four buttons on the pad and press and hold the power button for 2 seconds, and it will start pairing with your device. The controller is similar to the design of the PlayStation, with Xbox labeled buttons. The controller feels very sturdy, and lightweight. It felt very good in my hands (5' 7" tall). I used the controller to play Pinball Arcade on the android phone, and it was very responsive. I had no lag or delay when hitting the buttons. It makes playing games on a phone feel like playing games on a console. I can see myself playing more platform type games with this. On the desktop, I was able to use it wirelessly with the dongle, and connected via USB. It was very responsive, and needed no additional set up. My Windows 10 pc recognized it as a Xbox 360 controller. I was playing classic arcade games with it, and it worked perfectly. I tried using this with my iPhone 6 Plus, but could not get it to work. It said it was paired, but there was no response when trying to play Pinball Arcade with it. I also tried testing it out with my Amazon Fire Stick, but it was not able to pair with my Fire Stick. So far only PC and dedicated Android Devices worked flawlessly with it. Hopefully there will be support in the future with those devices. You also get an attachment that clips onto the phone, and controller. It is much needed if you want to play for long periods of time and makes playing easier since you are holding both in your field of vision. The controller worked very well and I am impressed with the quality. Games feel and play so much more differently when you are playing with a controller versus touching the screen or keyboard. If you are a gamer on the pc or android device, this is a winner.