on 2016-05-31 00:00:00

This controller came with USB cable for charging, wireless adaptor, instruction manual, dual micro USB cable, warranty card and bracket.

The BRACKET that came with the package will fit all phones including my Samsung Note 5. Unfortunately, I am using my Samsung Tab 4 8.0 when playing games and it won’t fit the bracket so I just kept it in the box for future use. The bracket fits perfectly on the controller and it holds pretty well.

The INSTRUCTION MANUAL was written well and really helpful in setting up the controller.
*** Take note though that it will not work right away upon successful bluetooth connection. You still need to set it up on the emulator (app) itself. ***

The CONTROLLER looks like an Xbox controller. It works on both my NES emulator and ePSXe emulator on my android. The analog works but I havnt figured out how to use it on my ePSXe emulator app. Pairing was easy and fast. Sometimes it connects automatically, sometimes I need to do it manually. Response is on time and battery life is long. Also, this controller automatically turns off when not in use for about a minute or two, very helpful in saving battery but a bit annoying sometimes specially when your just gonna go on a toilet break *laughs*. See video for demo.

Overall, I am very happy with this controller and I use it everyday since Day 1. Highly recommended!

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