Works great for the Gear VR

on 2016-05-09 00:00:00

I actually really like this controller, but it was a serious pain in the rear to get it paired with my galaxy s7 edge. Basically, I messed with it for about an hour before i could get it to work. A couple of days after I got it, the seller emailed me to tell me that they did a firmware update which changed the procedure. I would have taken a star off for the problem had they not emailed me. The new directions are:

1. B+HOME key to power on the controller.
2. Open the bluetooth on your phone, search the signal, you will see two signals, one is GameSir-G3GCM, and the other is GameSir-G3s, please connect the GameSir-G3s signal, if you don't see the GameSir-G3s signal, please refresh searching, and wait a few seconds.

The controller itself feels very premium. Kind of like a cross between an xbox and playstation controller. Once you get it paired, it works great. I bought it specifically for it's compatibility with the gear vr and it works great, just like a samsung controller. All the buttons are recognized. I cant say much about the battery life at this time since I'm not a marathon gamer, more so I play when I have a spare couple of minutes. Controller responsiveness is great.

The box included a micro usb to usb cable for charging and a micro usb to micro usb cable to plug it directly into your phone. This is nice because it will charge off the battery from your phone if it's dead. The phone also recognizes it as a usb device. I used it like that for a little while before I could figure out how to get it paired and it worked well.

Overall, pairing problems aside, I'm really glad I got this. It makes gaming on the gear vr 100x better at a fraction of the cost of the samsung controller.

I did receive this unit at a steep discount in exchange for an honest review, but i do not lie on my reviews. Check my history, there are plenty of things I've reviewed poorly regardless of whether or not it was a specific review item. I've lost out on review items because of this, but i refuse to be bullied by sellers or manufacturers. You want honest? You'll get honest. You want 5 stars? Don't sell crap. Dishonest reviewers are ruining this site, and I am not one of them.