Great Controller, Love the Lights

on 2016-05-25 00:00:00

if you need an android controler for you vr headset and you dont want to spend 99 bucks on a steal controller this thing rocks. i own both steal and this controller and i prefer this one over the steal. after having both for a while now i still prefer the gamesir over the steal. biggest reason is the feel in my hands. the gamesir feels just like a ps4 controller with out the touch pad pretty much. where as the steal is a mixture of ps3 and xbox and its meh. if they would have went with one design style like just xbox it would be nice but since they didnt the g3 is superior imho.

i got this product at a discount from the seller for an honest and unbiased review. if you like this video check out my profile on amazon to see what else i have review. at youtube dot com/user/krypticnexus i do videos like this monday,wednesday and friday every week