If you lose while playing with this, don't blame the controller

on 2016-05-08 00:00:00

comfortable, durable, works on variety of platforms (tested w/ Android & PC), force feedback works great, bright lights

Gamesir's G3w is, put simply, a solid controller. I don't have a PS3 to test this on, but it works flawlessly with both my PC and my Android phone (LG Optimus G Pro). The controller has about one foot of cord extending from it, ending in a micro-USB connector. This, along with the little adjustable bracket that comes with the it, makes it easy to play games on your android phone. The bracket's spring-loaded phone holder easily handled my Optimus G Pro (5.5 inch screen), and should have no problem accommodating something at least up to an iPhone 6 Plus.

Plugging the micro-USB end into the included extension cord allows you to connect the controller to your PC, where it installed seamlessly. I've put in several hours of Rocket League with this controller, and it performs well. The shock motors put out a good amount of vibration, and I haven't noticed any kind of lag. I have a tendency to death-grip controllers (especially when losing), and this one has held up to the abuse nicely. If the included cord isn't long enough for your needs (all told, it's about 8' long), this controller will plug into a USB extension cord and still operate flawlessly.