Impressed with the quality and features - very small dead spot on joystick toggle and nicely responsive vibration and lights!

on 2016-02-14 00:00:00

My husband and kids love playing games on the computer and tablet, and when I saw this GameSir gamepad, I thought it would be something they would really get a lot of use from. When I first opened it up, I was really impressed with the cord and adapter design. The cord that is attached directly to the gamepad has a micro USB connector, which is great for plugging directly into our Android phones or tablets. Then there is a second cord that basically acts as an extension cord - at one end is a female micro USB adapter and the other end is a standard USB cord, so we can plug it into our computers. This also provides a really nice length to the cord, which is useful is we're doing gaming on our TV screen - the cord easily reaches all the way over to the sofa.

My husband and kids have used the controller with several different games and are quite pleased with its performance. The light and vibration responses of the gamepad are very nice - my husband specifically commented that the vibration is nice and strong, which enhances the gameplay experience. He also commented that most gamepads have some some amount of a "dead spot" in the very middle of the joypad, where it requires a certain amount of movement away from the center of the toggle to trigger the controller to move. He found that the dead spot on the Game Sir controller is extremely small, so it should be good even for games that require relatively fine movements.

All in all this seems like a quite high quality gamepad and I'm sure our family will get a lot of use from it.