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Compatibility (Android)

Is the gamepad compatible with new Android 7.0+?

Will the gamepad work with Android GBA emulator?

Compatibility (iOS)

Do GameSir gamepads support iPhone iOS?

How do I connect the gamepad with iPhone 6?

Can I connect the gamepad to iOS via cable?

Is the gamepad compatible with MacBook?

Compatibility (PC)

Is GameSir game controller compatible with Windows 10?

Can someone help me please the gamepad is not connecting to my computer of Windows 10?

How many game controllers can be used simultaneously on one computer?

Will GameSir game controller work with 64-bit OS?

Does the gamepad have X-input support on Windows?

Which PC games are compatible with GameSir gamepads?

Compatibility (Others)

Can I connect two GameSir gamepads on TV?

Can I play other games on TV with GameSir gamepads?

How to connect GameSir gamepads with TV boxes?

Does this work with Steam?

I want to play Steam games, can GameSir gamepads support? How to set up?

Will it work with the games that I've downloaded on Steam?

Do GameSir gamepads support Samsung GEAR VR?

Connection (Bluetooth)

Can GameSir game controller be connected via Bluetooth?

How to reconnect the gamepads to my devices?

Why is the gamepad not gonna reconnect with my Android device automatically?

I can't find connection in Bluetooth interface. I've tried scanning Bluetooth but the controller doesn't show up?

The gamepad asks for the password and the PIN code when it connects to my phone via Bluetooth?

Why cannot I type letters after connecting the gamepad?

What to do when I am not able to connect the gamepad? Or it occasionally disconnects? Or I can connect but gaming characters can just move without casting a spell?

Why does my gamepad turn off automatically when it is connected?

Under Bluetooth connection, why is WIFI disconnected automatically/is there delay in games?

Under Bluetooth connection, what to do when there is a pop-up "Re-connection can only be activated by keyboard, please connect with keyboard buttons and try again."?

Why is my gamepad offline when playing games for a short while under SPP mode connection?

Connection (PC)

I have an OTG connector and Android cable. They can be connected together as a micro-USB port. Can I use it as the wired connection?

My phone has a Type-C port, can I use wired connection?

Connection (wireless dongle)

I plug the wireless receiver into PC but am noticed "driver installation failed", so I cannot use the gamepad. What should I do?

Do I have to use the wireless receiver or/and can it work via Bluetooth?

Why is the 2.4Ghz wireless dongle not working for me?

Is it possible to use one receiver for different models?

Is it necessary to use the dongle for Bluetooth?


How do you charge the controller?

Why cannot my gamepad turn on/charge? All light indicators are off and HOME button just flashes and dies out?

I have charged the gamepad for over 10 hours but why cannot it get fully charged with light indicators flashing?

Do your products come with batteries? If so, what is the size, brand or/and type of them?


What to do if my gamepad's signal lights are all on and buttons are not working at all?

Why cannot the gamepad vibrate when playing games?

Why does vibration level differ in two grips of the gamepad when playing games?

What to do if I feel like the joystick is deflected?

Does the gamepad have mapping function?

Happy Chick Emulator

Can I install Happy Chick Emulator on systems above iOS 8.1?

Does Happy Chick Emulator support iOS 11?

I am iOS user, why cannot I install Happy Chick Emulator by scanning the QR Code?

Can I play games apart from those in Happy Chick Emulator on GameSir gamepads?

Why cannot I use PS/NDS after connecting the gamepad under SPP mode?

Why does Happy Chick Emulator identify 3 GameSir gamepads when I connect just one on TV?

What to do when there occurs "fatal error" when I download and install games in PC Happy Chick Emulator?

What to do when I cannot operate games though I have connected my gamepad with PC Happy Chick Emulator?

Can I use two gamepads simultaneously on mobile phone when playing emulator games?

Where can I change gamepad button settings in emulator games?

Certain models


What is the difference between G3 and G4?

Which one is HOME button of gamepad G3/G4?

Where are L3 and R3 buttons of gamepads G4s/T1s/G3s/G3/G4/T1?

G3 & G3s

What is the difference between G3 and G3s?

Which phones are compatible with G3w?

How can G3 set/clear Turbo function?

G4 & G4s

What is the difference between G4 and G4s?

Does G4 come with USB dongle?

How does G4 adjust/turn off light indicators?

How does G4 adjust TURBO frequency?

How does G4 adjust vibration of the motor?

How does G4 enter/quit mouse simulation mode (under HID Bluetooth connection only)?

How does G4 switch D-pad and left analog joystick button setting?

Would G4 work for Minecraft pe on a Samsung Tab 4 tablet?

Does G4s work with PS4?

Can I play the game "Mobile Legends" on G4s?

Why is G4 named G3BLE in mobile phone's Bluetooth interface?

T1 & T1s

How does T1s enter/quit mouse simulation mode?

How can T1/T1s set/clear Turbo function?

How does T1/T1s adjust/turn off light indicators?

How does T1/T1s adjust vibration of the motor?

How does T1/T1s adjust TURBO frequency (adjustable among 8 levels)?

Remapper A2

What is Remapper A2 used for?

How to connect Remapper A2?

Why is the remapper flashing in green?

Do you have some tutorial videos showing the connection process?

F1 Joystick Grip

What size of mobile phones will be compatible?

Why doesn't the grip work in games occasionally?

Can the grip move upwards/downwards?

Can the grip be taken apart?

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