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Investigation of iOS 13.4 Incompatibility Issue

Since Apple launched the iOS 13.4 version, GameSir has received a lot of feedback from fans and users, asking about the problem that Apple's mobile phones cannot use Bluetooth peripherals after upgrading and urging GameSir to solve this problem as soon as possible.

After a long time of research by the R & D team and communication with Apple, we finally got an unsatisfactory result. But we feel that we still need to give our fans and users a reply:

This is a problem that cannot be solved in the entire industry at present. The main reason is that Apple has also closed the touch screen interface while optimizing CarPlay for iOS 13.4. This directly leads to the inability to use the touch screen mapping function when the Bluetooth is connected. In other words, the function of G-touch cannot be used normally on iOS 13.4 system.

In this regard, GameSir sincerely apologizes to the affected GameSir users, and also hopes that users who have not yet upgraded, please do not upgrade and turn off automatic updates for the time being to avoid this issue.

Although the G-touch function is affected by iOS 13.4, GameSir's GCM Bluetooth connection method is still available on iOS 13.4, that is, the Happy Chick and officially authorized games can still use GameSir peripherals normally.

After years of dedicated research and development, GameSir has launched a lot of game peripherals. At the same time, we have reached a consensus with Tencent, NetEase, and many other game studios on the matter of trying to improve the game experience, and have close ties.

After this event, GameSir will regard frustration as the grind of our company's growth and continue to explore more possibilities.

Thank you for your continued support.