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GameSir World App

What is it?

Gamesir World App is a full collection of thousands of Android games which natively supports Gamesir Gamepads through Google Play. We aim to solve that Android gamers found nowhere to know what games were supported by GameSir gamepad and what games were not. Now everyone cannot be easier finding your favorite gamepad-supported games through this app!



  • 100% Gamesir gamepad supported. All listed games are tested by us and authorized Gamesir users.
  • All games available on Google Play. Gamesir World App doesn't upload or host any games, instead, we provide you links to the download page of Google Play.
  • No root, no jailbreak, no remap needed. All listed games are natively connectable, playable and controllable with the Gamesir gamepad. 
  • Up-to-date game list. Games are constantly being added to this App to keep the list always been up-to-date. 


Where to download it?

Download GameSir World from Google Play:

Download GameSir World App locally:

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Download GameSir Spirit activation tool here (Optional. For advanced users) :

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A peek at the game list before downloading the app?

We also make you a quick list of popular games that support the Gamesir gamepad!

> Gamesir gamepad supported game list QuickView


Your favorite games are not supporting gamepads?

Some popular mobile games like Mobile legends ain't natively supporting external controllers. No worry, our innovative Remapper A1 make it possible!

> Remapper A2


Retro gaming fans?

Happy Chick emulator is the best Retro Game Emulator that perfectly adapts Gamesir gamepad.

> Happy Chick Emulator


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