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GameSir World App

Please download the GameSir World app for Andoird via either following links (Version 3.3 Size 12.2MB):


Updates - 3.3 (Jan. 28. 2018)

1.Add GameSir-G5 support.
2.Add GameSir-X1 support.
3.Optimization mapping can not activate the problem.
4.Fixed existed bugs & others.

GameSir World App

GameSir World App catalogues thousands of Android games that natively support GameSir Gamepads. We aim to solve Android gamers' trouble that you find painstakingly to search for games supported by GameSir gamepads. Now with GameSir World App, it cannot be easier to obtain them. The perfect combination of GameSir hardware and software will bring an ultimate gaming experience to every player!

100% GameSir Gamepad Supported

The listed games are tested by us and authorized GameSir users to make sure that they are perfectly compatible with GameSir gamepads. To enjoy these games, what you need is just your GameSir gamepad. Here we collect popular ones all in one: hold one app at hand and enjoy limitless games!

Games from Google Play Store

GameSir World App doesn't upload or host any games, instead, we select and collect them for you!. It provides you links to the download page on Google Play Store. Countless original Android games are disclosed to you and that all games you download are authorized official version.

Easy to Use

Complicated setting procedures may put you off from some games, but GameSir World App would set you free from these troubles! You would not face with rooting or remap setting-ups for all listed games are natively connectable, playable and controllable with the GameSir gamepad. Connect it via Bluetooth, and start fun now!

Up-to-Date Game List

We will be checking regularly to ensure that latest and top-rated games are added into GameSir World App to keep the list always be up-to-date. Be they shooting, action or sports games, you will always find the one. Check them regularly, and your favorite games may be awaiting you!

Where to download it?

Download GameSir World App locally:


If your phone blocks the installation: Setting > Security > Lockscreen and security > Enable unknown sources

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Download GameSir Spirit activation tool here (Optional. For advanced users) :

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A peek at the game list before downloading the app?

We also make you a quick list of popular games that support the Gamesir gamepad!

> Gamesir gamepad supported game list QuickView


Your favorite games are not supporting gamepads?

Some popular mobile games like Mobile legends ain't natively supporting external controllers. No worry, our innovative Remapper A2 make it possible!

> Remapper A2


Retro gaming fans?

Happy Chick emulator is the best Retro Game Emulator that perfectly adapts Gamesir gamepad.

> Happy Chick Emulator


GameSir. Gaming is Winning.™

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