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Happy Chick Emulator

What is it?

Are you a fan of retro gaming? Now you can play retro games on your smartphone! Happy Chick Emulator is the best emulator platform with rich retro game resources on Android/iOS platform. It integrates more than eighteen retro gaming consoles into an app and it is able to let you run a wide range of classic games on your smartphone, such as Pokemon, Zelda, Super Mario, Final Fantasy and etc!


  • Perfectly supports GameSir gamepads. compatible with GameSir controller on Android and iOS devices, free of button mapping setting, just play!
  • One click to set up. there is no need a complex operation on one-by-one installation. It is ultra easy to use.
  • Online and local multiplayer function. Exclusively, it supports Arcade and PSP games with online multiplayer, and play games to record and share your best gaming moments with friends in Happy Chick!
  • Cloud data saving. Full support on could saving makes it simple to backup games at any time, and synchronize multiple devices to share the very progress of your games.

    How to download it to the smartphone?

    Option 1: Download it from GameSir Gamepad User Manual

    You shall find QR code in your GameSir Gamepad User Manual

    Step 1: Scan the QR code

    Step 2: You will see pages as below, open URL with browser and download

    Option 2: Download it via your smartphone

    Step 1: Open the URL of in your browser of your Smartphone

    Step 2: Click “OK” to download

    Step 3: Download Successfully

    Option 3: Scan the QR code via PC

    Step 1: Go to website: and scan the QR code on the right side.

    Step 2: You will see pages as below, open it with browser and download:


    1. Please open the URL in the browser of your Smartphone as the instruction. 
    2. Please ensure that your smartphone has enough space for the emulator which occupies 149M of memory space.


    Want to play Android games?

    See more native gamepad supported games at GameSir World App!

    GameSir World App


    Enhance your gaming experience with Gamesir gamepad?

    Why not? GameSir gamepad with 100% adaptability to Happy Chick Emulator always supports your retro gaming. 

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