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GameSir T2a


*Bracket not included.

GameSir T2a Wireless Controller

Introducing GameSir T2a, the brand new GameSir Gamepad model that makes high-quality gaming controller affordable to every gamer. T2a features high sensitivity and accuracy in game controlling, and this game controller can identify various devices automatically, free of driver installation (Win 7 or later versions), button mapping setting, jailbreak or root. 


It features cross-platform supporting to Android smartphone/tablet/TVbox, Window Vista/7/8/10, and SteamOS.

Multi-Connection Types: Wireless, 2.4 GHz Dongle and Wired

It is so easy to connect it with your devices. Supporting 1) Wireless connection with Android smartphone; 2) Wireless connection to Android TV box and Windows Vista/7/8/10 using 2.4Ghz dongle; 3) Wired connection to Android TVbox/Windows PC with a USB cable.

Ergonomic Design

It is designed to please your hand with a comfortable feeling when holding it. The button layout is so familiar to everyone as to operate it naturally. With skidproof texture on both sides of the grip, you can say goodbye to sweaty hands slipping!

Enhanced Controlling

The trigger buttons have been toned up to the next level of precise controlling. The analog sticks have 360 accurate positioning to ensure every movement you desired comes reality!
GameSir has strict quality control system both on material application and technology processing, A/B/X/Y, D-PAD, L1/R1/L2/R2 silicone pads are made of anti-strike, highly sensitive and conductive silicone material, all pads have been pre-tested by strict pressing of one million times.

With Dual Vibration Motors, Real Experience

Realistic vibration feedback can be easily and fully experienced in racing games, sports, shooting and other types of games as long as it supports vibration setting.

Low-Battery Reminder

When the battery is low in wireless mode, the XINPUT and OUTPUT LED will start flashing, please replace with two AA batteries or rechargeable battery.

*AA batteries not included.

Detachable Bracket, an individual mobile bracket

GameSir T2a special bracket is multi-angle, stretchable, even detachable, can be used as a totally separate phone holder. Relax and enjoy.

*Bracket not included


Model: GameSir T2a
Working Platforms: Android, Windows Vista/7/8/10, SteamOS
Connection Types: Wireless (only for Android), 2.4Ghz Wireless Dongle, Wired
Work Distance Approx. 4m
Battery requirement: AA-battery*2
Gross Weight: 215g
Box Size: 170mm*70mm*125mm

    Package Content

    USB Cable*1
    User Manual*1


    GameSir T2a Manual

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